DCU Next Generation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a primary mission of preventing generational poverty through financial literacy. However, we also have another goal:

Let’s make financial education less intimidating!

In a country where money is needed for virtually everything; doesn’t it seem odd that financial education is not adequately encouraged throughout our school systems? So, if we’re not learning about money in school then how do people learn about finances?

Something’s not adding up

We believe generational poverty can be alleviated through more engaging, inclusive and repetitive financial education themed workshops that galvanize communities to develop more opportunities for financial freedom in future generations! 

Below is a snapshot of participant data collected from the community activities/programs that we are directly supporting.  

Our Focus

Expanding Financial Literacy

Expanding Financial Literacy

Reducing Poverty Factors

Reducing Poverty Factors

Creating Collaborative Relationships

Creating Collaborative Relationships


Registered Youth


New Businesses




Dollars Awarded in Cash & Prizes

We Believe...

  • Financial education can be fun
  • Financial literacy is essential
  • Financial education should be interactive
  • People want to learn what to do not told what to do
  • Technology is constantly changing the financial landscape
  • Everyone makes financial mistakes-so everyone's opinion matters
  • Each generation has its own unique challenges
  • Poverty hurts everyone

Current Projects

2020 Lemonade Day Registration is Open!

Many changes have happened in the past few weeks but one thing that will always remain the same...

Financial Education for 2020 Lemonade Day Participants

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