Drake’s Lemonade Stand (LDWC 2019) Story

Using fresh squeezed organic lemons, cane sugar, and stove-top popcorn with dairy free butter, served in compostable cups, with compostable napkins & straws available, Drake’s Lemonade Stand was a fun and successful adventure; it was also a trial run for a lemonade and burger stand I plan to open this summer. Set up in the front yard facing the street with our horseshoe driveway behind us, I used a homemade table (that I build with my Grandpa) with an attached signboard to display the lemonade & popcorn prices and the official Lemonade Day sign. The driveway entrance was marked by an enter arrow for drive-through service, and yellow cones (which were originally purchased for soccer drills) lined the driveway marking the location to stop for service. The stand and driveway marker were visible from both sides of our street. We have heavy foot traffic on our street and many people stopped by from the sidewalk. Our street is also quite busy and we had quite a few drive through customers, some family & friends too.

I was only planning on staying open for 3 hours, but ended up working 5 hours, having fun the whole time. Next time I open (sometime this summer) I hope to offer homemade burgers and tater tots as well as fresh squeezed lemonade.

Drake, Drake’s Lemonade

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