Make Higher Education Affordable with FiT for College

Preparing for college (or higher education in general) is an exciting time for students and their families-well…in theory anyway. Unfortunately, with so much confusion on how to actually pay for higher education this exciting time can quickly become frustrating. Luckily, FiT for College gets students prepared for the financial demands of higher education.

What is FiT for College?

When we say “fit” for college we’re not talking about the ‘freshman fifteen’. Instead,  we’re referring to the Financial liTeracy needed to getting students (and their families) ready to tackle the monetary demands of paying for higher education.

Ways FiT for College Can Help

Despite the college application process happening annually in schools throughout the nation-it’s still a pretty chaotic experience. We want to help provide a little structure to the process by assisting students and families with:

  • Determining higher education goals
  • Completing the FAFSA
  • Understanding Student Loans & Repayment Options
  • Planning Miscellaneous Expenses such as
    • Room & Board
    • Meal Plans
    • Books
    • Transportation
  • Bill payment strategies and more!

College is a Big Financial Decision

Think about it, high school students (if they’re lucky) may take one financial education course then immediately have to make arguable one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives: whether or not to pursue higher education. That’s a rather hefty demand to put on these students.

We understand this challenge. By working to alleviate this burden we aspire to make the college selection process easier and exciting.

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