Lemon Sweet (LDWC 2019) Story

I want to earn money to go to Disney Land. I think about the design and the name of my stand and my dad help me to build the stand, the location was just perfect there’s a lot of people there and the owner was really nice with us letting me put my stand out of his business my grandma help me with the recipe and my mom help me preparing the lemonades my mom help me sending invitations and invites to all my classmates! we have a blast….

I will love to keep selling lemonades during the summer since I have plenty of vacations and I enjoy doing this!!! also I need more money to go to Disney Land… I think the best part was that my family and I made a great team! also the location was key for my success Next time I will try to spend less in decorations ..

Mia and Greta, Lemon Sweet

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