Lemonade Day Washtenaw County 2019

Nothing says summertime like children selling lemonade behind their own homemade lemonade stands…well, maybe the Will Smith song too. Unfortunately, what many adults look at as a simple way for youth to keep busy and make some money during their time outside of school, others have used as an opportunity to call the police on our children (Check out this article published by CNN).

Well we’re standing up for our young entrepreneurs in a huge way-DCU Next Generation is proud to introduce Lemonade Day Washtenaw County on June 22, 2019!

What is Lemonade Day?

Lemonade Day is a nationally recognized experiential initiative that teaches children how to start, run, and operate their own business-a lemonade stand. Our young entrepreneurs not only learn business skills but also essential financial education skills (money management, budgeting, saving, etc) all while having fun and actively engaging in their communities.

Not only is Lemonade Day Washtenaw County FREE thanks to our wonderful and generous sponsors and donors but the children get to keep 100% of their Lemonade Day profits (is there a drop-the-mic emoji?). In addition we work with the city/county to ensure that all of the kids have permits so they don’t have to worry about getting the police called on them which is great as the police have more important things to worry about.

Lemonade Day Washtenaw County 2019

So this summer on June 22, 2019 everyone has a job. Either you are helping our young entrepreneurs sell lemonade or purchasing a cup…or 2…or 3! If you would like to help before then, please continue reading below:

How Can I Help?

As you can imagine Lemonade Day Washtenaw County is a huge task so, if you would like to assist in this county wide event there are many ways you can help:

  • Become a Mentor-Whether teaching your own child(ren), a group, or a classroom we can show you how to guide your young entrepreneurs.
  • Volunteer-Can you help pass out materials? Are you fundraising expert? Social media guru? Whatever your expertise we would love for you to join our Lemon Council team.
  • Sponsorships/Donations-As mentioned earlier, Lemonade Day Washtenaw County is FREE because of the financial generosity from people like you. PS: In-Kind donations are also greatly appreciated.
  • Spread the Word-Lemonade Day has not been in Michigan since 2014 so we need help to spread the word and galvanize the community. Share our posts, tell a friend, ask your school administrators to consider bringing Lemonade Day to the classroom, tell anyone and everyone.

How Can My Child Participate?

Registration is simple.

  1. Just head over to our website (lemonadeday.org/washtenaw-county)
  2. click the “Register Now” button and
  3. complete the registration form. FYI: Registration is currently closed but will open in May.

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