Lemonade Day Washtenaw County

Did you know that after a five year hiatus we brought the official Lemonade Day program back to Michigan? Now we don’t like to toot our own horn but…this is a big deal! To understand exactly why we are so thrilled to have this program available to Michigan kids again you first need to understand what Lemonade Day is.

What is Lemonade Day?

Lemonade Day is an experiential program that introduces youth to entrepreneurship as kids learn how to start, own, and operate their very own businesses-a lemonade stand.

That’s right, the ye old lemonade stand-a symbol of youth enterprise-is now a gateway to a world of expanded possibilities that kids can utilize to reach their goals.

Originally started in Texas, Lemonade Day, has grown into a premier youth entrepreneurship program that’s ran both nationally and overseas. From the United States to South Africa, Lemonade Day has allowed over 1,000,000 youth of all ages the ability to flex their entrepreneurship muscles.

Why we use Lemonade Day

Aside from the growing popularity of the program there are a number of reasons why we specifically enjoy using this program.

  • Financial education
    • First and foremost our focus is developing financial literacy. What better way to teach kids about the importance of financial management than through real-life application using entrepreneurship.
  • Engage with the community
    • Many children love getting involved in decision making. Lemonade Day gives kids the power to make important choices that will have a huge impact on their business as well as allowing them to understand and participate in their local economies.
  • Develop Life Skills
    • Did you know that kids that complete a Lemonade Day program are more likely to feel confident about their futures, develop better public speaking skills, and are more likely to establish and follow through on their goals.
  • Knowledge Versatility
    • Even if your child doesn’t want to specifically be an entrepreneur he or she can learn valuable business skills useful for any future career.
  • Earn Real Money
    • Your child is a business owner. So, they should reap the rewards that come with that title. That’s why Lemonade Day kids keep 100% of their profits!

How can your child participate in Lemonade Day?

Although we can list all the reasons why we love Lemonade Day-it’s more important that you love Lemonade Day. Locally we host Lemonade Day Washtenaw County as an annual summer event occurring in the cities of:

  • Ann Arbor
  • Ypsilanti
  • Saline
  • Dexter
  • Chelsea
  • Milan

and surrounding areas. Don’t live in Washtenaw County? Not to worry, we partner with other organizations throughout Michigan to provide program access to any aspiring youth entrepreneur.

If your child(ren) would like to participate in Lemonade Day just visit our site lemonadeday.org/washtenaw-county and complete the quick registration form. After that you can get started building your lemonade business. It’s that easy!

Next Steps…

Hopefully, you understand why we are ecstatic about Lemonade Day and most importantly why we encourage you to register your child to learn about entrepreneurship and financial education. Lemonade Day registration is free thanks to our wonderful sponsors and donors so there’s absolutely no reason why your child(ren) can’t participate in the festivities.

Until then, you can also stay up to date with pertinent information by following us on social media by searching the handle @lemonadedaywc or through our local Lemonade Day Washtenaw County app.

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