MARVEL-US Lemonade (LDWC 2019) Story

Lemonade stand business is my long time wish and helped fulfill it this year. It was an incredible experience. Last year I wanted to start a business and my parents suggested to begin with a lemonade stand which I could not, but this year took help of and made it possible.

Our stand name: MARVEL-US LEMONADE. We decided to have the Marvel theme which is popular and the word Marvelous reflects the nature of our stand. We also highlighted the US in the name to show our devotion and support to our country (as 4th of July was around the corner). Advertising: Before the event We prepared flyer and sent What’s app messages to friends. We made Marvel placecards (spider man), played guitar, called out Lemonade and used a whistle as well to attract customers. We showed energy all through the day and were positive, polite, smiling and clean all through the day. I would have better job assignments next time. May be would have a plan to get more revenue.

As a team we did great. I will definitely do the lemonade stand next year too with a bigger goal and more learning expectations. Apart from that I would like to brainstorm with my team to come with more ideas of starting a business.

Abhi, Amogh Rao, Jayesh, Srikar Sai, and Jelani; MARVEL-US Lemonade

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