Mermaid Lemonade (LDWC 2019) Story

I participated in Lemonade Day because I knew it would be fun. I have always wanted to run my own business. I branded my stand Mermaid Lemonade because I’m a big mermaid fan. We tried many different recipes for lemonade. Our taste testers were the office staff at the Berg-Martin Insurance Agency. My Great Grandmother Berg agreed to be my sponsor. I really appreciate that!

We felt lucky that we were able to set up our booth at the Ypsilanti Farmer’s Market. I live in Houghton Lake MI and my Aunt lives in Rockford so we traveled through the early morning hours to get there on June 22nd. We advertised with our shirts, handmade signs and by giving out mermaid stickers to people who passed by our booth.

Mermaid Lemonade owner Alyssa working at stand

Overall our booth ran very smoothly. We made some mistakes prior to Lemonade Day. We worked those mistakes out by practicing and changing the things that didn’t work well. For example, the first lemonade recipe we tried took about 45 minutes to make. We knew we wanted fresh lemonade but had to change the recipe so we could make it at the Farmer’s Market without running water or electricity. Our signature drink was Mermaid Lemonade and that took a lot of practice!

Now that I am an entrepreneur, I want to continue to run my stand. I plan to open my business in Houghton Lake over the 4th of July. I have checked with the Health Department and have been given permission to open it. I can’t wait!

Alyssa K., Mermaid Lemonade

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