Molly’s Lemonade (LDWC 2019) Story

I LOVE having my own business and meeting all of the people (and dogs) that come by. It really fun to figure out the prices and where the best location is. We live close to the University of Michigan Stadium so lots of kids sells stuff after the game. It’s really exciting to make sell stuff & earn money. For Lemonade Day used my old play kitchen and added our logo & pricing and pink and yellow decorations. We sold pink & regular lemonade and also chips and bottled water.

I think next time I would have free dog treat and maybe a bowl of water on the ground for the dogs. It was really hot today. Everyone was outside because it was a perfect day. I want to have my own ice cream shop someday. I’m not sure if I would share my business with my best friend or not because its hard to not give away all of the lemonade to our friends 🙂

Molly, Molly’s Lemonade

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