Our Story

While leading a financial literacy program at a local elementary school in Ypsilanti, our co-founder, Godfrey Aguwa Jr., ran into a dilemma. “How do you make financial education engaging and accessible on a community level?” His solution-DCU Next Generation.

DCU Next Generation (DCUNG) is the nonprofit arm of Dollars & Cents University, hence the DCU, which works to provide K-12 financial education. DCUNG applies the same passion for youth financial education however we complement our work by establishing safe financial opportunities through galvanized community support. We believe financial education plus financial opportunities yields success. Of course, what better way for individuals to reach success than through an encouraging and supportive community dedicated to seeing the growth of it’s next generation thrive financially.

Our Focus

Expanding Financial Literacy

Expanding Financial Literacy

Reducing Poverty Factors

Reducing Poverty Factors

Creating Collaborative Relationships

Creating Collaborative Relationships


Registered Youth


New Businesses




Dollars Awarded in Cash & Prizes

We Believe...

  • Financial education can be fun
  • Financial literacy is essential
  • Financial education should be interactive
  • People want to learn what to do not told what to do
  • Technology is constantly changing the financial landscape
  • Everyone makes financial mistakes-so everyone's opinion matters
  • Each generation has its own unique challenges
  • Poverty hurts everyone

Current Projects

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