PAYBACK: Financial Literacy Game on Managing Student Loan Debt

Planning for college is very stressful for many families. And as you can imagine, or know from experience, it’s the financial element of figuring out how to pay for a higher education that causes the most anxiety. Luckily, there is a digital financial literacy game that allows students to interactively make college themed decisions. Ladies and gentlemen we would like to introduce:

PAYBACK: Get your Pay Back

Created by our friends at NGPF and McKinney, Payback is an immersive learning experience that allows students to make decisions in order to graduate from college (such as whether to attend a public, private, or community college; selecting a meal plan; living with roommates, etc). As these decisions are being made students are shown a running fluctuating scale measuring happiness, connections, focus, and of course debt-all of which play a crucial role in your goal of graduating from college.

Why we like Payback

Considering the value that simply having a college degree can play in avoiding some of the common pitfalls of poverty; a game that encourages students to think about their financial life as a collegiate student is highly impressive. Payback sparks a much needed conversation about the realities of funding higher education (check out this NY Times article) and hopefully spark a national conversation on the growing student debt crisis.

Whoever said learning can’t be fun has not heard of the game Payback. Can you graduate from college debt free? Play Payback today and find out!

Play Payback

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